Rather than looking for pure investment partners, Logisturq A.Ş places great importance on building partnerships strengthened by the expertise and special knowledge of both franchisor and franchisee:

Logisturq A.Ş brings a successful and coherent concept which has already proven itself in numerous markets and which promises great chances for success when implemented systematically;

The franchisee brings his entrepreneurial skills, his knowledge of the local business and cultural climate, his personal network and contacts, and last but not least his personality, all of which are essential to ensuring success of the franchise in his territory.

This leads to the following personal characteristics which Logisturq A.Ş looks for in a franchisee:

strong identification with the Logisturq A.Ş. concept

visionary and entrepreneurial thinking

pronounced self-confidence

positive leadership and motivational skills

team-oriented attitude

a hands-on approach and the ability to quickly acquire new knowledge

the willingness and ability to work as an entrepreneur and at the same time to be part of a larger system

a well-established network of local partners, authorities and opinion leaders

keen understanding of the local mentality and culture

a sound background in business development

operational experience

In addition, a Logisturq A.Ş partner must be up to the demands for financial performance required by the investment of substantial equity and debt capital in establishing a Logisturq A.Ş franchise. Our experience shows that setting up the first one stop shop will cost about 250.000 to 500.000 Euros. This does not include various extra costs, such as company foundation and registration, legal advice, etc. The franchise partner must be able to bear at least 30% of this initial investment, and is responsible for raising the remaining amount on his own.